Friday, April 17, 2015

Physical Education for Healthy Life Free Essay

Physical Education is a precondition for healthy life. So it is essential to have knowledge of physical education. In the past people used to think that physical education relates only physical activities. In fact, when your body is not fit you do not feel mentaly well and cannot concentrate in any work. Thus relationship between body and mind is intertwined and they cannot be studied separately. The old saying, “means sana in corporsano” (a sound mind in a healthy body) has been universal truth in all regarded as a universal truth in all ages. In modern time Physical Education, physical development, mental growth and social skills are an integrate part of total education process, A student the physical education will develop a sound mind in a healthy body so that they become a good citizen of the country.

Physical Education: To say some thing about physical education or to define it first we need to know what education is. Physical education is an integral part of total education process. Without physical education, education remains incomplete. A definition of education will make it easy for us to understand what physical education is. Different scholars have defined education in different ways, which are related to different situations. Education is not only intellectual development it also include physical, social, and emotional and all round development of other areas. Education is nor limited to specific point of time of an individual life but it takes place through out the life. Education is not confined with the boundary of a school but it may be acquired from home, society, play ground and so on. A few relevant definitions of education-

1. According to Plato- “Education helps in the body and soul of the pupil all the beauty and all the perfection he is capable of “. 
2. Another scholar defines education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body 
3. It is also defined that education is the harmonious development of body mind and soul. 
4. According to Charles A Bucher, “physical education is an integral part of the total education process and its air the development of physically mentally emotionally and socially fit citizens, the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realizing their outcomes”. From these definitions it is clear that education and physical education are complementary to each other. 

In the past traditionally it was thought that physical education means physical activities. But it was a wrong conception. Physical activities do not necessarily means physical education rather they may be called physical exercise. Issues of physical education not only deals will physical activities but it helps in attaining mental development and social virtues as well. D.K. Mathews says “Physical education is the education which is acquired through physical activities”. 

Hop smith and Clifton says Physical education refers to scientific and systematic movement of limbs. According to J.B. Nash- Physical education is that of the whole field of education that deals with big muscle activities and their related responses that bring changes in an individual’s body and personality. From this definition above it is found that the essence of physical education is all round development of an individual’s personality. As a result of physical education one becomes physical fit, mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, morally true and spiritually up-lifted. All this out comes are achieved by means of recreational activities games and sports. Physical Education, Health Science and Sports