Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Writing a Report on Traffic Jam

Chittagong, 10 January, 2014: Traffic jam has become a serious problem nowadays. Long lines of vehicles at different traffic points are seen every day. The roads and streets are very narrow in comparison with the number of vehicles. The licensed and unlicensed rickshaws, chaotic scooters, the forgoing buses and above all the overloaded lorries are mostly liable for traffic jam. The drivers are not well trained and well educated. Overtaking tendency also causes traffic jam. The number of traffic police is insufficient. Unconsciousness among people, unskilled traffic police, haphazard vehicles parking, narrow road points are also responsible for creating traffic jam. Moreover, manually driven slow moving vehicles like rickshaw, vans and pushcarts ply along the city roads. They often make race with each other senselessly. They almost don't care about road signs. Frequent road construction and maintenance work often create traffic problem. Sometimes different political parties are found to use city roads for their political activities. The general people expect a permanent solution of the problems.