Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everyday Mathematics Free Essay Help And College Term Paper

Mathematics is one kind of science. We cannot do a single moment without mathematics. It has made our life easy and comfortable. In official and personal life become paralyzed without mathematics.


Different kinds of functions are performed by mathematics. It works with numbers, counting, and numerical operations. It is used to calculate something. It can be done both technically and manually. Large and complicated mathematical problems is solved by the computer software. On the other hand, easy mathematical operations are performed without the help of any machine or computer software. In official works like banking, policy, school, college and universities mathematical calculations are done by technically.

Merits of mathematics:

The merits of mathematics in our life cannot be described in words. It has opened a new dimension to us. We cannot do a single day without mathematics. It helps us to solve difficult mathematical problems. It has enriched our life. Mathematics helps us to decide if something is a good, risky or not. Mathematics helps us to create everything as without the application of mathematics. We cannot create any building, picture, furniture, good art, wallpaper, your room, bridge etc. It shows us to become beneficial in life. We can compare between two with the help of mathematics. Mathematics is used in every sphere of our life. There is no any place of our life where mathematics is not used. Today it has opened a new dimension in buying or selling any product, banking transactions, giving or taking money, creating something, measurement of demand etc. Any kind of treatment is not possible without mathematics. Today there is no any place where mathematics is not used. We can not think a single moment without mathematics.

Mathematics is a matter of studies and research:
At present, mathematics has become a subject of studies and research. Millions of students and teachers are now researching on mathematics. They always engage themselves to find out any kind of easy usages of mathematics. Different students of different countries have taken mathematics as their graduation’s subject.

Advancement of mathematics:
The advancement of mathematics has been running in era by era. The today’s advancement of mathematics has not done overnight. There is long and meaningful history of it. In the ancient period, men keep their account writing in the wall, drawing curve, drawing picture, collecting stone etc. Today the era has been changed. In this modern period, men keep their account in writing on paper, computer software and in different technical ways.

Misuse of mathematics:
In spite of having a lot of advantages, sometimes it is observed that some people use mathematics in evil or destructive acts. The invention and operation of different kinds of destructive weapons are the example of them. Which weapon will drop which place is decided with mathematics. A bomb is dropped sitting thousands of miles away with the help of mathematical calculations. 

In the end, it can be said that it helps us to take any kinds of decision. It works just like a mentor. Without mathematics, we never take any decision. Our everyday life depends much on mathematics. We cannot go even an inch without mathematics. Our life becomes paralyzed without mathematics. Therefore, it can be said that mathematics is a part and parcel in our daily life.

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