Saturday, February 9, 2013

Corruption Essay

[Introduction, Causes of corruption, Causes of corruption in Bangladesh, Effects of corruption, Remedies, Conclusion.]

Corruption is a talk of the issue of the present time. It is complex and very bad matter. Corruption means to make or become defiled. Corruption may originate from unsolved problems, unfinished works, vicious politics, weak administration and many other related or relevant things. According to Indian sociologist Ramanath Sharma, “In corruption, a person usefully neglects his specified duty in order to have an undue advantage. A corrupted person takes illegal advantages by neglecting duty and misusing of power. Bribery, misuse of power, nepotism, avarice for wealth and social condition are the root of corruption. A corrupted person can do everything for his own self. Social or state value is fruitless to him.

Corruption is such a diseases that is an incurable diseases in the society . It is very difficult to find out when and why someone is corrupted and committed corruption . Avarice is the main cause of corruption. Limitless demand of the people is another cause of corruption. Beside this, economic insolvency, ambiguity of laws, unemployment, political instability, lack of patriotism are the main causes of corruption.

There are different causes of corruption in Bangladesh. Today it has become a national curse in Bangladesh. The causes of corruption in Bangladesh can not be described in words. We know that Bangladesh is a poor developing country in the world. Most of the people of Bangladesh are poor by born. As a result, normally they have utmost greed for money or wealth. To achieve much wealth, they often adopt many illegal way. Thus, they involve in corruption. Besides, high ambition, avoidance of religious restriction, greed for power etc. are responsible to corruption. There is hardly any sphere of our daily life where there is no practice of corruption. Businesspersons, police, lawyers, service holders, politicians, doctors and engineers are mainly involved in corruption. There are many bad effects of corruption. It hinders our all kinds of national development. We lag behind due to corruption.

Corruption in Bangladesh has far reaching effects. It kills all kind of development effort in the country. It seems that it would be difficult for us to distinguish fair from unfair. The effect of corruption in politics is very devastating. Corrupted politicians misuse state power, use power for their own self and party. Corruption is the main obstacle to socio-economic development of a country. A great amount of money for development work is misappropriate by the government staff and political leaders. As a result, the main target of the development work is not reached. Corruption destroys the moral base of the society and the moral character of the public. When a person deserves that through corruption it is easy to get everything in an unlawful way, he will not bother about the meaning of fair and unfair.

Corruption should not allow to run continuously. Though the remedy of corruption is not an easy task, it is a crying need to stop for the country’s greater interest. To make the country free from corruptions, citizens of all classes should be responsible, accountable, dutiful and considerate. Nepotism, favoritism, red-tapism etc. should be dealt with an iron hand.

To lead in peace in the society it is essential to stop it. This curse should not be allowed to continue. Anti-corruption commission must be given more freedom. Public awareness must be raised to stop corruption. The mass media can play a significant role in this regard to stop corruption from the society.

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