Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Health/Health is Wealth/How To Remain Fit Free Essay/Paragraph And Term Paper

(a) What is good health? 
(b) How can we keep good health? 
(c) Do you follow the rules of health? 
(d) What is balanced diet? 
(e) Do you have a balanced diet?
(f) What is the importance of keeping good health? 

Good health means sound body. The body that is free from all sorts of diseases is called good health. We can keep good health to follow some rules and regulations. To keep good health one should rise early in the morning and take some physical exercises. Besides, eating vegetables, drinking pure water and eating balanced diet are the prerequisite of keeping good health. I am a student and I always try to follow the rules of health. Because, I know that health is wealth and health is the root of all happiness. Balance diet is essential for keeping good health. The floods that contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are called balanced diet. If people do not take balanced diet, they often suffer from various diseases. Therefore, I always try to have balanced diet. The importance of keeping good health can not be described in words. There is a proverb that a sound mind depends on a sound body. A healthy man is really lucky because he can do his duties properly and become successful in life. Therefore, we should keep good health to lead healthy, wealthy comfortable and diseases free life.