Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorite TV Programme Free Essay/Paragraph And Paper

(a) What is your favorite TV programme?
(b) When is it broadcast? 
(c) In which channel is it broadcast? 
(d) Who are the performers in this programme?
(e) Why do you like this programme so much? 

Watching TV is a great source of entertainment. I see different programmes of different channels. The most popular TV programmes are dramas, songs, dances, films, games and sports etc. There are also some instructive programmes on the television. These generally cover different branches of knowledge. Among all the programmes, my favorite TV programme is the documentary on animal life. The name of the programme is animal planet. It is telecast on every Saturday at 9 p.m. on BTV. Amimals are the main performers in this programme. I have thirst for knowing about animal life from my boyhood. I can learn many things about animal life from this programme. That is why, I like this programme most.

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