Friday, February 8, 2013

Neighbors Free Paragraph/Essay Help And College Term Paper

(a) Who are called neighbors? 
(b) Who are your good neighbors? 
(c) What do you do for your neighbors? 
(d) What do your neighbors do for you? 
(e) Why are good neighbors necessary for your life? 

Man is a social being. He can not live alone. He lives with others in a particular area. Therefore, those who live around us are called neighbors. Good neighbors are free, frank, pure, simple and broad minded. They become selfless and co-operative. They always stand by us in our weal and woe. I have different kinds of neighbors of different professions. Some of them are doctors, some of them are engineers some of them are civil servants. They are very co-operative and honest. I think that I have some duties and responsibilities for my neighbors. When my neighbors face any problem, I always try my best to solve the problem. If they fall any danger, I always stand beside them. I try to keep good terms with my neighbors to establish a peaceful society. On the other hand, my neighbors also stand beside our family whenever we are in any problem. I am lucky because my neighbors are very friendly and helpful. They always share their joys and sorrows with us. If we do not have good neighbors, we may not find someone to help us in times of need. In this case, life becomes miserable. So, good neighbors are necessary to live in peace in the society.

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