Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Street Accident I Have Witnessed Free Paragraph Writing/Short Essay Help

The day before yesterday I had to witness a very shocking, havoc and pathetic road accident. It is a matter of great regret that I had to see the unexpected incident. I am very much shook with the horror incident. I never want to face this again. I just stood before a shop at Firmgate the busiest place of Dhaka city. A long line of vehicles like bus, trucks, cars, baby taxis, tempos, motor scooters, and rickshaws were plying towards the north, and a similar line of them were plying towards the south. A private car was coming up at a full speed from the south and I waited till it ran off past me. Just at that moment, a rickshaw ahead of me was hit by the private car and the driver was thrown down under its wheels. All this happened in an instant. I rushed to the spot and shuddered back from the sight. It was nothing but a mutilated human body with smashed skull in a pool of blood. The unfortunate rickshaw driver died on the spot. I retraced my steps unwittingly as I could not bear the ghastly sight. A large crowd gathered there and there was a great hue and cry. I was totally upset. I came back home with the macabre scene haunting my mind. I never want to face such experience and I always recommend all to be more conscious both drivers and passersby.

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