Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Favorite Sport Person Free College Essay/Paragraph

(a) Who is your favorite sport person? 
(b) What and how does he/she play? 
(c) Why do you like him/her? 
(d) How much popular is he/she? 
(e) What are his/her achievements?

There are many sport persons in the world. The entire sports people are not favorite to me. My favorite sport person is an Indian cricketer. He is Sachin Tendulkar. He in one of the greatest cricketers of the world. He is an internationally celebrated person. He is mainly a batsman. Occasionally, he also bowls. Actually, he is an all round performer. He is different from others. He has good relations with his teammates. He is very friendly and amicable. For having these exceptional qualities in him. I like him very much. He is popular all over the world for his violent bating. He has also much popularity to raise run quickly. He is the wonder of the cricket world and a fear of the opposite players. As a cricketer, he is very successful. He has a world record of making centuries and runs in One Day Cricket. He is the highest run maker both in ODI and in test match. I like him for his outstanding performance and achievements. I think his records would never be touched by any cricketer.

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