Sunday, October 11, 2020

Unity Is Strength Composition or Essay-100% easy!

[Introduction, The necessity of unity, Effects, Bad effects of discord, Voluntary activity, Conclusion.]

When a work is done united for obtaining any special goal is called unity. It is a significant feature in human life. Without unity we cannot do a single day.

The necessity of unity in human life beggars description. Unity has great value in every walk of life.

It is related to our existence. There is a proverb that unity is strength. Therefore, our first and foremost duty is to maintain unity of our life. We cannot do a single day without the help of others. In addition, the help of others depends on unity. Being united, many difficult tasks can easily be done within short time. There are thousands of problems in man’s life. To solve these problems, united effort is essential. Unity helps a nation to reach the goal. Unity is essential to save any country and countrymen.

The results of unity are many. People can enjoy a tension free life living united in the society. It is said that ‘united we stand, divide we fall’. It is true that we can break a single stick easily. On the other hand, to break a bundle of stick is really difficult or impossible. Thus, we can realize the value of unity. It is very significant in trade and commerce. Because, different countries of the world make trade union to lead a good trade among their own. Unity is a powerful weapon to be successful in trade and commerce. It is said that without unity to run trade and commerce is impossible. It is true that to gain any kind of freedom without struggle is not possible. For this, unity is must.

The effects of unity in national life are very significant. Today we can observe the merits of unity among the developed countries in the world. In a word, to live successfully in this world unity is must.

There are many bad effects of discord. A nation without unity is considered as a weak nation. A nation cannot stand upright without unity. To be united, personal and national selfishness must be abandoned. For living united, we have to take lesson from the history. In the past, many nation and community ruined due to discord. Unity saves us from thieving, robbery, smuggling, hoarding and mischief.

In the time of flood, cyclone, drought, earthquake etc. people suffer a lot. They need help then. To help them united efforts is must. Therefore, to run voluntary activity unity is essential.

For the development of a country united efforts is must. Without unity a country cannot run. Therefore, for the betterment of the country and countrymen, we have to live united.

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